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Classic Car Restoration and Repair Work

Classic car owners will appreciate the high skill levels and attention to detail which are the hallmarks of our approach to everything we do at Carsmetix. We are fully aware of the care, love and attention that classic car owners devote to their vehicles, as well as the investment value they have placed their machines.

Professional Repairs for Classic Car Damage

We are always happy to consult with classic car owners to discuss their requirements, no matter how large or small. For small areas of minor imperfection or road use grazes, the SMART repair process is a highly efficient way of maintaining condition and panel originality of your vehicle. For owners looking for a more extensive service, we are happy to consult and quote for full vehicle body re-sprays and complete body repairs and car restorations. Our experienced paint technicians carefully ensure the correct colour match and the final finish will be in keeping with the high standards you expect to savour your most cherished cars.

Classic Car Work for every vehicle specification

We offer a free consultation and quotation, based on your unique requirements, so please feel free to contact us to arrange a discussion. No matter how young or old your car is, how lowly or exotic its’ origins, your classic car will receive the same expert standard of care in preparation and finish. We know you care greatly about your prized motorcar and we take our responsibility to you and your vehicle just as seriously.

Please take a look at some of our recent classic car renovations below, or contact us here, to discuss your vehicle damage requirements.

Has your Classic car been scratched, dented or bumped?

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