BlogAround 10% of UK Drivers 'Bump-and-Run'

Around 10% of UK Drivers 'Bump-and-Run'

Around 10% of UK Drivers 'Bump-and-Run'

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Recent research has highlighted that almost one in 10 British drivers admit to having crashed into a parked car and driven away, according to the BBC.


According to the BBC News survey, up to 70% of drivers have experienced car damage in this way, with the main reason being focussed on poor parking and poor driving in general.

Although many of us refuse to admit that we have experienced such an event – we've all been there – accidentally bumped another vehicle in a tight car park, assumed the damage was only minor and hesitantly driven off. However, this type of 'bump-and-run' vehicle accident is classed as a criminal offence, no matter how minor the damage.

Supermarket car parks and multi-storey parking facilities for example are among the main locations for housing these types of car accidents, although a minor car bump can also happen on the main residential road. Damaged paintwork, bumper scrapes and vehicle prangs are the most frequent result of such incidents, along with damaged wing mirrors.


Car Park Accident Repairs

If you do experience vehicle damage from a car parking incident, don't ever 'bump-and-run'. Don't panic, and treat this as you would any other type of vehicle accident – take the details of your car and the other driver's. Remember to leave a note on the windscreen of the other vehicle, including your contact details and a brief summary of what has occurred – honesty is always the best policy.

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Nearly one in 10 motorists admits to crashing into parked cars and driving away, a survey suggests.

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