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AGlaze Paint Protection

Today in an increasingly demanding environment, protecting your paintwork is vital in protecting your investment. AGlaze is a paint sealant system that uses the most up-to-date technology to provide pristine protection to vehicle paintwork. Using polymers and UV absorbers, AGlaze offers full protection against fading, oxidisation and ultra-violet sunrays, as well as repelling acid rain and industrial pollution.

High quality vehicle paint protection

At Carsmetix, our AGlaze paint sealant service is available for new and used vehicles, both as an inclusive service when undertaking paintwork rectification or as a stand alone service. The option of using AGlaze, prior to waxing the vehicle, offers a permanent glaze to protect and lock in the incredible shine. The top quality AGlaze vehicle treatment at Carsmetix also protects interior fabrics including leather, vinyl and carpets – keeping the interior of your car as bright and fresh as the outside.

AGlaze gives a permanent showroom shine for your vehicle and reduces the need for washing by 50%. No polishing is necessary and AGlaze requires no top-ups, to maintain a year-round shine guaranteed for up to 5 years. AGlaze is a trusted solution used in the tough environment of seagoing pleasure boats and the demanding market of the airline industry – certified by Boeing and Airbus Industries and used by most major airlines. It is also used in the luxury boat market and approved by both Fairline and Sunseeker.

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Our AGLAZE paint protection can keep your vehicle looking prestine for longer

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